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The Best Productivity Tools For Remote Workers

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Thanks to modern technology, more and more people are now able to earn a living by working remotely. Whether you work from the local coffee shop or from a beach house in Bali, working remotely gives you the freedom to take charge of your own lifestyle. But if you are committed to being a digital nomad, you’ll need some tools to help you along the way. Here are some of the best apps and productivity tools to make remote work do-able.


Slack is one of the most popular collaboration tools and is consistently praised for making communication fun. Slack streamlines products like Dropbox and Outlook so that team members can get all their work done without toggling back and forth between tools. Slack’s channels make it easier to keep communication on-topic, and Slack’s use of emojis and reward tacos make communication, well, fun.

Google Translate

Google Translate is especially great for those of you who are working remotely from far-flung locations. Simply speak into your phone in your native language. The app will translate your words into another language and say them out loud! The camera feature is also pretty amazing. All you have to do is take a photo of a street sign, or any other piece of text. The app will automatically translate it into your own language.


Zapier is a time-saving automation app. Anyone trying to maintain a social media presence knows how time consuming it can become. Simple tasks like posting and downloading photos and tracking your social media hits can take up hours of your day. Luckily with Zapier, you can automate virtually all of those tasks. The app isn’t free, but it’s considered invaluable by its users.  And, it’s applications extend well beyond social media management.  Manage, automate, sync, and coordinate your calendars, communications, to-do lists, and more through Zapier’s many powerful integrations.


Zoom is great for those times when nothing but face-to-face communication will do – but you just can’t hold an old-fashioned, physical meeting. Zoom’s video conferences really are amazing in quality, both for voice and visual. Zoom lets you loop in at least 100 people on a video conference call, and at a slight premium you can have up to 300 join the call. That’s priceless when you need to give a presentation or hold the kind of brainstorming session that just can’t be done over Slack.


Being out of the office can sometimes make it hard to stay on task. Todoist is a task management system that keeps track of everything from simple errands to huge projects. You can also use it to customize reminders for any of the tasks in your life.

Google Drive

If you don’t use Google Drive already, you’re missing out. This app allows you to store documents of all kinds and share them with your team. Updates and changes to the documents can be shared in real time, no matter where you all are.

Take a Break Please

Remote workers tend to struggle with time management and work-life balance. The Take a Break Please app will literally remind you to, well, take a break, so that you don’t forget to enjoy the perks of being a digital nomad!

We hope these apps and tools were useful and will make life smoother for you, as you live out your best life as a remote worker. For more ideas, check out these additional resources:

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