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The Best Video Conference Tools For Remote Teams

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In 2019, the business world is seeing a major increase in the use of video conferencing software with 56% of global CFOs saying they would invest in video conferencing as it can significantly reduce travel costs. 

To keep up with this new technology, here are some of the best video conferencing apps for remote teams. 

Our Pick: The Best Video Conference App For Most Remote Teams

Compared with all other video conferencing software, GoToMeeting is easily one of the top-rated services among users. This app is available on a wide range of platforms such as iPhone, Android, Mac OS, and Windows, you can even use it on your web browser. Not only can this app be used to carry out team meetings, but it also allows for users to broadcast webinars to thousands of viewers.

In a review by TechRadar, they state that “GoToMeeting has a handful of unique qualities that do make [them] the better video conferencing software” than their competitors. 

These impressive features include call recording, dial-in numbers, and screen sharing. GoToMeeting even offers its services for free if the conference call contains less than three participants. They have extremely reasonable rates on their plans and will be invaluable to your business. For professional video conferencing, there is not much out there that can beat GoToMeeting. 

Runner Up: A Great Free Video Conference App

Zoom is the number one runner up when it comes to video conferencing software due to its high-quality video connection, reliability, and advanced features. These features include annotation, screen sharing, conference recording, webinars, and call scheduling. It’s the perfect app to keep teams in check and businesses running smoothly. 

This video conferencing software is extremely affordable and can even be used completely free of charge on calls with up to 50 participants so long as the meeting doesn’t run over 40 minutes. An easy-to-use app that provides instant connection is hard to pass up, especially when it’s so accessible. It’s also available for download on most major platforms including Android and iPhone. 

2nd Runner Up: Another Great Video Conference Solution

Join.me is a great contender for the best video conferencing software and their simplicity makes them extremely appealing. No longer do you have to worry about downloading an application, as you just need a web browser to use their service. This makes them accessible from practically any device, therefore iPhone, Android, Mac OS, and Windows users alike can utilize everything Join.me has to offer. 

Aiming to provide an ideal service for remote users, Join.me has made virtual collaboration even more straightforward. Their intriguing whiteboard feature will allow users to share their ideas through virtual paper in real-time, cutting out the need to use multiple applications during a meeting. Join.me also understands the value of personalized service and will provide unique meeting links to avoid long-winded IDs. 


Stay ahead of the game by investing in quality video conferencing software and reducing the costs of travel incurred by remote workers. Stay connected through top quality apps such as GoToMeeting, utilizing their service to boost productivity and keep the whole team in the loop.   

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