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The Best Subreddits For Remote Workers

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Reddit, a news aggregation site with more than 500 million monthly users, is an amazing resource for news, discussion, and community. With a user base focused on tech, it is no surprise that Reddit has become a growing resource for remote workers.

Whether you’re looking at broad topics like finding a job, or nuanced questions like a packing list for living out of a single bag, these subreddits have you covered.


Digital Nomad is by far the largest subreddit for those interested in working remotely. The 460,000+ ensure a lively and active discussion about all things working-while-traveling, serving those the subreddit defines as “individuals that leverage technology in order to work remotely and live an independent and nomadic lifestyle.”

To be sure, this subreddit is heavily focused not just on remote work, but remote work while traveling or living abroad. Posts cover everything from finding what cities have the best internet connections, to the cheapest places to find an airbnb while staying in an interesting city, to beautiful beaches where you can still dial in to the office. Still, much of the advice will apply to anyone looking for a work from home job too. Conversations on the subreddit have tips about what careers and job boards are most tailored to remote work (whether you follow the nomad lifestyle, or not). And, while there are certainly boards (discussed below) for those focused more on just working from their own home, none feature the massive user base of Digital Nomad. That’s why it’s our favorite!

The only drawback of this subreddit is that a lot of the popular content tends to be low-effort posts like images of a remote office with a pretty view, etc. These posts can be a refreshing — and inspiring — break, but they dilute the level of higher-quality discussion!

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OneBag describes itself as a “community devoted to the idea of lugging around less crap. Fewer, higher quality items, packed into a single bag for ease of transport make life simpler.”

As the name suggests, devotees of this subreddit discuss and critique each other’s setups for moving around the globe with limited luggage. With a focus on tech and connectivity, this light-weight community has great info for those looking to travel extensively while working remotely. Reviewed topics include laptops, cameras, and tech, as well as versatile breathable clothes that are durable and clean easily on the road. And, of course, plenty of discussions will help you select the perfect bag or backpack for your journey!

If you aim to become a digital nomad for a few months, or a few years, living out of a single bag using tips from this community could help you travel lightly without sacrificing quality good.

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WorkOnline offers great resources and discussion for making money online. However, in addition to remote employers, the site includes a lot of one-off or short term online money making programs. This subreddit covers everything from sites for finding a full-time career online to sites for filling out surveys online to make a bit of extra spending money.

The flexible nature of many of the gigs make it good for people who may be looking to supplement their income with more of a part-time remote job. Some of the featured paid opportunities only require a couple hours of work each week! However, these “gigs” tend to be much lower paying than an actual full- or part-time job, as you might find on a more traditional remote job board. Some gigs are as basic as a pay-per-click model!

Writers willing to churn out well-written content can find lots of discussion of content mills and other writing opportunities like Postloop.


/r/Telecommuting is the subreddit most focused on your traditional, work-from-home jobs. Unlike the international travel focus of /r/DigitalNomad, the Telecommuting subreddit is more generally suited to anyone interested in working remotely, from home, abroad, or otherwise!

The subreddits main drawback is its much smaller userbase. As a result, spammy posts and other less helpful content often appears on the front page. However, there are still some great posts, like this discussion of the best remote job boards, etc.

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