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Amazon Work From Home Jobs: RemoteKit’s Guide

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Amazon is now the second largest employer in the United States. The retail giant employs around 400,000 people across the country. What you may not know is that Amazon also has a growing number of openings for remote workers. The company recently made headlines when they announced that they were hiring 3,000 work from home employees and that they would be giving their remote workers full benefits. So, if you’re looking for a work from home job with benefits and a good salary, Amazon is a great option. Keep reading for tips and ideas about how to find a home-based Amazon job. This article also includes information about the kinds of job openings Amazon currently has and about the salary for Amazon work from home jobs.

How to Find Amazon Work From Home Jobs

If you’d like to work from home for Amazon doing data entry, customer service, or other jobs, you’re in luck. Here are some of the best ways to find home based Amazon jobs, along with information about the salary for those jobs.

Amazon lists their work from home jobs on their own site. The company calls them “virtual location” jobs, You can filter your search by job function and by job type (part time, full time, and seasonal). Salaries for customer representatives start at about $10 an hour but go up to $15 for workers who speak several languages.

Indeed.com also has great listings for Amazon jobs. The site lists customer service jobs, software development jobs, and other remote positions available with Amazon. The Amazon work from home salary range goes from $40,900 to $123,100.

What It’s Like to Have an Amazon Online Job and Work from Home

People who have worked at remote jobs for Amazon praise the company for its flexibility and for the great pay and benefits. Many people do seasonal work for the retail giant and come back year after year. Others work year round from home and they say the job gives them a great work-life balance.

Amazon hires remote workers on both a part time and full time basis to work in their virtual call centers. The company hires both call center agents and call center managers. Both part time and full time staffers are eligible for benefits once they’ve completed 90 hours of work. Those benefits could include health insurance, retirement planning, and parental leave.

“The Amazon work from home salary range goes from $40,900 to $123,100”

Amazon often looks for customer service representatives and technical support associates who are fluent in foreign languages, to help with the retail giant’s overseas customers. So, if you speak Japanese, or any other language besides English, you may have an advantage with Amazon. Amazon also hires remote workers to manage their delivery stations and to provide training for other technical staff. 


The Amazon work from home reviews are starting to come in on Indeed and other job boards. Glassdoor also features a growing section on Amazon work from home reviews. More and more people are successfully working from home these days. Whether you want to do data entry, customer service, or some other job, working remotely gives you the freedom to take charge of your own life. Working from home for Amazon is a great way to maintain a healthy work life balance, take care of your family’s needs, and earn a great salary. Here are a few more ways you can find great jobs working for Amazon from home. 

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