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What is telecommuting?

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Telecommuting means you work from home using phone, email, and the internet to connect with your employer remotely. As advances in technology allow for remote logins, screen-sharing, and easy conference calls, remote employment has become a rising trend for employees. Remote work is especially popular with those seeking flexibility or work-life balance. Telecommuting jobs are also an increasingly important and noteworthy segment of the U.S. and global job market.

Working Remotely: A Growing Trend

Telecommuting is a growing trend around the globe. A 2012 study found that one-in-five workers around the world are telecommuting. Telecommuting jobs were highest in the Middle East, Latin America, and Asai.

“As of 2012, estimates suggest that about 40% of the working population could work from home, at least part of the time”


In addition, cultural trends and a desire for a work-life balance have caused more employees to seek out telecommuting jobs. And, as companies look to hire new talent, attracting employees who desire to telecommute is a win-win. Telecommuting fits right in at large employers as some companies move away from traditional office models towards a ‘hot desk’ or remote-accepting culture. Jobs with partial-remote and remote-options are also catching on.

An Ipsos/Reuters poll found that “34 percent of connected workers saying they would be very likely to telecommute on a full-time basis if they could.”

“34 percent of connected workers saying they would be very likely to telecommute on a full-time basis if they could”


This trend in telecommuting is also in line with other job-market patterns, including that by 2020, more than 40% of the U.S. jobs force (approximately 60 million workers) will be categorized as freelancers, contractors, temp workers, or the like (according to Intuit).

Even the U.S Federal government has embraced the trend, with the passage of the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010.

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