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RemoteCircle.com Review – New Remote Job Board

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remotecircle.com’s homepage and search interface

After months in beta, Remote Circle has gone live! The new remote job board’s interface offers a familiar feel. However, unique to Remote Circle is a job board that focuses on each user’s specific timezone.

According to the Product Hunt launch, the idea was born out of frustration the founders had looking for remote work while living in Scotland. “The idea of Remote Circle was born out of our own frustration with trying to find remote work . . . This usually came down to the timezone requirements of each job. We ended up scanning each job description for timezone info. A list of 200 suitable jobs, would often be reduced to less than 5 once we had removed those that weren’t hiring in our timezone. We felt it could be better, so we built Remote Circle to make this easier for everyone else in the same position.”

Remote Circle advertises that they will be posting five new jobs a day, and you can have new jobs sent to your inbox. Just after launch, the website had ~700 postings.

So far, the lack of postings is RC’s main limitation. They have a ways to go before they can compete with the larger boards like WeWorkRemotely and FlexJobs, just in terms of sheer offerings.

Still, the concept is unique! Remote workers on the move, or those considering a move, will be able to see what kinds of jobs and industries may line up well with their intended home.

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