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Remote Medical Coding Jobs Guide (Updated 2019)

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Remote coding jobs can offer flexibility and a good salary for those seeking to work from home. Below, you will learn more about this growing field and find out how you can become a remote coder. We have also included links to the top job boards to begin your search for a medical coding job.

What are medical coding jobs?

Professional medical coders are responsible for reviewing the services, equipment, and diagnoses in each patient’s medical records and then assigning those items a code. These codes are then used for billing and insurance purposes.

Medical coding jobs are a growing field with lots of job openings. However, these jobs often require an associates or bachelors degree. In addition, most of the job openings featured on this site require a certification in medical coding (discussed below).

How to get a remote coding job?

Medical coder jobs are available at doctor’s offices, hospitals, outpatient clinics, insurance companies, and more. Most job postings are now available online.

Before you begin your job search and application, you should be aware of the requirements to get a medical coder job. For many jobs, you will need a degree from either a two-year or four-year college. In addition, nearly all jobs require that you be certified. The standard bodies offering coding certification are the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC). There are also specialized certifications for certain jobs in specific fields of medicine.

Once you have the necessary qualifications, you can begin your job search! After updating your resume, you’ll want to use one of the many available online job boards to start a job search that meets your skill set, salary, and remote working needs. Our favorite job board’s are at the end of this post!

Entry level remote medical coding jobs and part time remote medical coding jobs

One of the great advantages of remote work is the flexibility. In addition to working from home, you may be seeking to find a part time coding job. Part time work, especially entry level remote medical coding jobs, are great for those with other time responsibilities — including those raising kids or looking for extra income or even a second job. The job board websites at the end of this post offer search filters so that you can specifically indicate you are looking for part time work.

Because of the certification requirements, many of these jobs (even part-time) are not entry level. Postings will occasionally specifically indicate they are looking for someone with 2-3 years of coding experience. However, if you can get certified without a college degree, or if you have graduated, you will also be able to sort for “entry level remote coding jobs” at the job search websites below.

Best remote coding companies to work for

Large healthcare companies and hospitals, as well as smaller local offices, can all be great places to find a remote coding job. For a list of some of the biggest companies, check out this guide (about 50% down the post).

The link from Work At Home Adventures also cautions job-seekers to be on the lookout for scam companies. To help separate the scam companies from the legitimate coding jobs:

Most of the scams look similar, so once you start seeing them you’ll probably spot them easily.

Scammers will try to sell you something to help you start your career.

Best remote medical coding jobs websites

Here are our recommended job search boards:

  • Google Just type your job criteria into the search bar. Filters you can customize to your needs appear on the results page.
  • ZipRecruiter A solid app and good notification settings, but it could benefit from more filters.
  • FlexJobs Remote-only job results make it easy to find nationwide 100% remote results or state-specific semi-remote or remote option results. Can also look for part time results using the advanced search page. The service is not free, but they have the most well-curated database of high-paying, quality jobs. [FlexJobs is our recommended pick]

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