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How to Get a Work from Home Nursing Job

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Nursing is one of the most in-demand professions in the United States. And the demand is constantly increasing. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, the demand for nurses is expected to grow 15 percent by 2026 — a much faster growth than other professions. All of that means that this is a great time to be a nurse. What you may not know is that there are also many new jobs for nurses who want to work remotely. So if you are wondering, “how can I find work from home nursing jobs near me?” just keep on reading for tips on how to make that happen.

How to Find a Work from Home Nursing Job

There are more and more remote nursing jobs out there. If you are a licensed RN, then you can find work as a telephonic case manager, overseeing patient care. You may also be able to find work as a care advisor RN, or a telehealth triage nurse. If you have experience training others, you may be able to get remote teaching work. Law firms also hire nurses to provide medical information that could be used in lawsuits or in other legal matters. 

The fact is, there is a very high demand right now for remote nurses. Whether you have years of experience or just got your RN certification, there’s a job out there that’s just right for you. Here are a few of the best sites for finding home based nursing jobs:

Indeed has great jobs for remote nurses. Their listings include positions for remote care managers, nurse coaches, and remote nurse analysts. You can also filter the search based on salary, job type, or company.

Zip Recruiter lists remote jobs for nurses in education, case management, and medical consultation. The jobs on Zip Recruiter start at salaries of $53,000 a year. The site also lists jobs for traveling nurses.

Career Builder has hundreds of jobs listed for nurses in case management and in reviewing, coding, and maintaining medical records. 

What Is a Work from Home Nursing Job Like

There are home based nursing jobs for people at all levels of experience and education. If you have an MSN degree, or a PhD in nursing, then you can grade nursing student papers and tests. You can also teach remote classes in nursing.

If you have an RN, you can work in case management. You’ll oversee your patients’ care, making sure they’re receiving the best treatment. This job is done by phone. RNs can also find work as telehealth triage nurses or care advisors.

Many healthcare companies are also hiring RNs to provide patients with diabetic education over the phone. And RNs with good writing skills can put their knowledge to work writing content for test prep courses and training materials. There are also lots of jobs in medical records — RNs are needed to code and to review medical records.

Some remote nursing jobs are location specific, since employers might sometimes want you to be on hand for an in-person meeting. Some of these jobs also require occasional travel. If you’re looking for a one hundred percent remote job, be sure to make that clear in your job application so that there are no misunderstandings!


Nursing is one of the most in-demand jobs in this country, so if you have a degree in the field, you’re in luck! Whether you have an RN, and MSN, or a PhD, there are plenty of great jobs out there that are just right for you. Working from home as a nurse used to seem like a pipe dream. But thanks to technological advances, remote nursing jobs are more and more common. Here are a few more tips about some of the best places to find work as a remote nurse

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