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The Best Careers for Remote Work

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You may be excited by the prospect of remote work but unsure if you are in the right industry to work remotely. Maybe you’re interested in training for a new remote job. Whether you’re already experienced in your field or looking to change careers, these nine industries are RemoteKit’s picks for the best remote careers.

Computers and IT

It’s no surprise that tech jobs are listed among the best careers fro telecommuting. Customer success platforms like Salesforce and open source provider Red Hat are large, remote-friendly companies.

These jobs often require experience or training, but now more than ever it is possible to learn and grow in the tech field while working from home.

Medical and Health

Remote coding jobs are on the rise. Remote medical coding workers describe medical services with codes that are used in the billing and insurance process. CVS dedicates an entire search page to their remote jobs at CVS health.

Check out RemoteKit’s Remote Medical Coding Jobs Guide for more tips and information on this growing field.

Human Resources / Recruiting

Remote HR jobs are a growing, high paying remote career. Managing an organization’s personnel is now often done without ever seeing a person. FlexJobs.com offers a large variety of remote HR jobs and careers. Sample titles/roles include People Operations Coordinator and Director Organizational Development NE Region.


Follow the money. Those with a background in sales will be a natural fit at one of the many large companies that hire remote sales employees. Account managers and client managers can work from home. Often these jobs cover a regional area, and it’s possible that some travel will be required.


Education is a natural fit for computers, and hence remote education and training jobs are a great direction for your career. Those with teaching-specific backgrounds, as well as those who are pros at a skill in their own field, could be a good fit in a remote learning teaching role. Education platforms are also always looking for videographers, editors, writers, and more to build out their content. Those interested in writing should look for remote writing, copywriting, and editing jobs in this field!

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