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FlexJobs Releases 2020’s Top 100 Remote Companies

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RemoteKit's recommended best job board, FlexJobs, is out with their 2020 edition of the top 100 remote companies.

The report also notes some amazing trends in remote work as we enter the new year:

Growth in Remote Work

Five year growth44%
Ten year growth91%

Top Work From Home Industries in 2020

Looking at trends across the rankings, here are the top 3 remote-friendly industries in 2020.

1. Medical & Health

As the population ages, healthcare jobs are booming — remote medical coding positions and others are no exception.


2. Computer & IT

Computer & IT ranks at number two.  Concerns over job saturation and low wages affect some, but overall this area is booming.

3. Customer Service

Work with customers and be a source fo contact and support.  Common job titles for Customer Service Rep include Customer Care Associate and Contact Center agent.

Top 100 Remote Companies in 2020

The list is ranked by companies with the most “remote-friendly” job.   Remote friendly, to FlexJobs, is a term meaning:

“Remote-friendly” means the openings must offer some level of remote work (the levels on our site are “100% remote work,” “partial remote work,” or “option for remote work”).

Note that any company with an asterisk has been on the list since 2014.

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